Cox Equine Transport LP

  1. Advise us of any unusual characteristics that might effect the horse(s) and/or our drivers during the trip. (Examples: Blindness, Kicks, Strikes, Colic History, Extreme age, Claustrophobia, Soundness Problems, etc.)
  2. Furnish one bale of hay (per horse) so that we do not have to change their diet in transit, otherwise our coastal hay will be fed. If you have special feeding requirements please specify.
  3. The horse(s) should not be fed grain one feeding before we pick up, or the feeding after delivery.
  4. Bandage type leg-wear is not recommended.  We suggest shipping boots, if the horse(s) are accustomed to wearing them.
  5. It is not a horse’s nature to be confined and shipped across country, therefore it can be an uncomfortable and stressful event (especially their first trip.)  If possible, your horse(s) should be exposed a few times to a confined space (stall) with any tack intended for their trip. Time spent preparing your horse(s) is not necessary, but will be advantageous to your horse’s shipping experience.