Cox Equine Transport LP

  1. The horse(s) will need a Coggins test that is less than one year old [EXCEPTION if your horse(s) destination is California then the Coggins must be less than 6 months old] and a Health Certificate that is less than thirty (30) days old. These documents must be the originals (not copies) if traveling to or through Arizona, California, or Florida. Copies will be sufficient for all other trips. This paperwork must be with horse(s) at the origination and travel with horse(s) to the destination.
  2. The horse(s) must have a good leather or nylon halter and be confined to a small area or stall for pickup.
  3. One reasonably sized item (tack box) will be shipped at no charge. There will be a charge for additional items.
  4. Please advise us if we cannot safely get our rig IN & OUT of the pick up or delivery location.
  5.  A stall will be reserved beginning with your agreement to send a 50% advance deposit which will be expected within a few days and the balance (cash or bank cashiers check) will be due at either the origination or destination point.  Payment is also accepted by credit card via Paypal.